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Greenland in Flower

We have now visited Greenland twice (and are due back in August 2010), working as cruise ship lecturers, and have accummulated a large collection of images from that fascinating region, covering flowers, landscapes, and the few birds that the Greenlanders haven't shot!  Cruise ships generally can only approach the south-western corner of Greenland, but that still offers plenty of variety and has probably the richest flora of the region.

The flora in July is stunning. Although it is limited to around 500 species, the abundance of flowers colours the landscapes for the few brief weeks of summer. But the glaciers are never far away, with icebergs in all the fjords. We were lucky once to be able to cruise through Prins Christian Sund, which is stunningly beautiful but often inaccessible because of ice in winter and icebergs calved from its glaciers in summer.

The images below are therefore just a a tiny sampling of what we can offer. Publishers seeking Greenland images should contact Michael here to check what he has available.

Note that this website only allows us to display extremely low resolution images; all the photographs displayed are available as high-quality digital images with a minimum size of 2GB.

All images copyright Michael Scott


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