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Tristan da Cunha ~ an underwater view

Sue Scott is the first underwater photographer to have intensively studied the marine life of the remote south Atlantic archipelago of Tristan da Cunha (which also includes Nightingale and Inaccessible Islands), as part of a project funded by the Darwin Initiative.

She has been visiting the islands regularly since 2004, making many important discoveries including a number of seaweed species which may be new to science. In 2006, she also studied the impact of an oil-rig, which was lost at sea and grounded on Tristan, carrying with it many alien species that could have been disastrous to the delicate marine ecology of the islands. Her work led to the abandoned rig being refloated, moved from the islands, then sunk in deep water to minimise the risk from the marine life it carried with it from South America.

(The photo left shows the view to Tristan da Cunha from Nightingale Island).


A small selection of her underwater photographs are shown below. Go here for a range of her land photographs of the islands. She would be delighted for her photos to be used in publications celebrating the life of these remote islands; please contact her here to discuss your needs.

Note that this website only allows us to display extremely low resolution images; all the photographs displayed are available either as 35mm transparencies or as high-quality digital images with a minimum size of 2GB.

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