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Below Freshwater

Far too many photographs of freshwater animals and plants are taken in tanks, and so are, at best, only an approximation of natural habitats.

Sue Scott has specialised in getting into freshwater, mostly in Scotland, with her underwater camera and snorkelling or diving gear, to get up close and personal with the animals where they live, or the plants in their habitats. In real life, freshwater isn't always crystal clear – but a lot of the 'murk' is critical to the food webs that support all life in freshwater, and so it is an important element to any picture.

A sample of her work is shown below, but publishers are more than welcome to get in touch to discuss their requirements in more detail.

Note that this website only allows us to display extremely low resolution images; all the photographs displayed are available either as 35mm transparencies or as high-quality digital images with a minimum size of 2GB.

All images copyright Sue Scott

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